Ghost in the Canyon, 2013, sycamore branches, acrylic, 3D printed ABS plastic, brass, nylon




Colony, 2013, acrylic polymer, wasp nestPond_Colony-3


Biosis, 2013, laser sintered nylon plastic, sycamore branchPond_Biosis-2







Sled, 2011, CNC milled sapele, laser cut steel, paint

The Last Remnant Left Behind in Ahab’s Empty Bed
2011, wood, fiberglass, automotive paint, stee

Family Crest (version 1)
2011, aluminum, bronze, automotive paint, basswood, painted plastic tiger

The Stump Dream/Erupts a Mountain
2011 steel, wood

Of Walking In Ice
2010, wood, steel, electronic components, sound

I was invited to participate in a group show about Werner Herzog’s journal of his walk from Munich to Paris, a gesture to sustain a dying friend, Of Walking In Ice. The carved wooden sculpture has a small speaker embedded in the top and sits upon a subwoofer. The sounds were coded and composed with Pure Data and then filtered to remove specific frequency bands to make a recording with a distinctly separated audio spectrum.

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Freedom From Want& Freedom From Need 2008, steel, CNC plastic prints, concrete statues, electronics, software

A Known Distraction, 2008, bronze, steel, paint, 65x39x34″

Model for the Monument for the Over Pink Mountain
2007, steel, electronics, sound, pink construction foam

When the Lion Eats the Dragon (Totem for Mumford)
2006, steel, fabric, rabbit pelts

Sugar Candy Mountain 2005Invisible City  (foreground) and New Model for the New Capital (background)

Second Plan for the Third World 2004

Messages in Bottles 2001

Pilgrim 1998