KMA shows are down. Many thanks go to Clark, Robmat, and Stephen there + Chad and Jason Brown at UT.  I posted some more about the sound installation on this page and put… Continue reading

sound installation with transducers at KMA has started

turning windows into speakers in a very large space… Jesse Thompson and I got this installed in the Great Hall of the KMA last weekend with the help of Chad Williams, Jason Brown,… Continue reading

2 new exhibitions open

just opened two shows – the Knoxville Museum of Art and the Trenchtown documentary has been edited into a 3 channel synced video installation, showing here at home sound installation for KMA and… Continue reading

kinect composite scanner built with Processing- source code available

Nels has posted the source code in his bitbucket repository https://bitbucket.org/cleverwhorl/kinectcompositescanner it should work fine on a mac intel running 10.5 or later, maybe linux but probably not on windows- this seems to… Continue reading

360° kinect scanning update- some code improvements and platform design underway

Nels has retooled the code to make it easier to align the object and kinect for a more accurate 360° point cloud from multiple scans and generate xml data from controlP5 for consistent… Continue reading

first 360º scan with kinect

Nels worked on the math today for the proper translate function in Processing after I set up a lazy susan and the kinect. We scanned one of Marius Watz’s small ABS plastic sculptures… Continue reading

kinect 3D scanner update

Nels has been reworking the code to make the software run faster and eliminate unwanted points by controlling the dimensions of the capture area. We can now make multiple scans and export all… Continue reading

3D scanner from the kinect

Nels Oscar worked with me last week and he wrote a sketch in Processing using the open kinect and peasy cam libraries to make a 3D scanner using the point cloud data from… Continue reading

new pages

pages for teaching (including links to course syllabi) and exhibitions (includes images from the STENDEC show) are posted


.  .  .     –     .     –  .     –  . .     .      –  .  –  . a collaborative exhibition with Phillip Andrew Lewis about… Continue reading