useful links

    examples to view online

    code for download

    in order to run the following files you need to do the following after download:

    1. select the file name and delete the .doc file extension
    2. replace the – between the file name and pd – from Gemplayer1-pd to gemplayer1.pd
    3. open the file and it should launch with PD

    reference and example patches

    • SomeUsefulObjects.pd this is a list of a starter set of objects worth reviewing in PD, organized by type

    time and counting

    sound recording, writing sound files, and playback

    Gem examples from PNCA workshop

    • Gem1.pd
    • gemplayer1.pd this file has been updated since the end of Linda’s class on 11/17/10, it has been annotated and includes bangs to initiate the functions in the patch in the right order

    University of Oregon A/V Performance Project workshop