The following were made as either demos or finished tracks for release on vinyl or CD. Some tracks will be included on a vinyl compilation curated by Ben Marcantel for the Swedish label/publishing house Ptroleum in a few months- official release date is yet to be announced.

here is a link to my SoundCloud page where more tracks can be found

A Ghost in Pants, 2010
recordings from a shruti box and the voice of a four year old Norwegian boy named Pablo processed in pure data and abelton

That Intricate Never, 2010
this is generated with much of the same code as the installation by the same name but has been remastered for release as an audio track on an album and sounds little like the installation

This Hole has a Crack In It, 2010
recording I made of someone reading processed in PD and abelton

Quittermater 2010

Of Walking in Ice, 2010
remastered track from the sculpture for the exhibition about Herzog’s book