solo exhibition at Zeitgeist Gallery

solo exhibition at Zeitgeist May 10-June 8 2013
reception Saturday, June 1 5-8PM

we are working on scheduling an event June 1 during which I will speak a little followed by a reading by David Haskell, author of The Forest Unseen details will be forthcoming

IMG_6478-2Ghost in the Canyon, 2013, tree branches, acrylic, ABS plastic, brass, nylon
Phonotactic Plate, collaboration with Jesse Thompson, 2013, stainless steel, wood, electronics, software, sound

IMG_6355Biosis 1, 2013, laser sintered nylon plastic, wood



IMG_6425Ghost in the Canyon, 2013, tree branches, acrylic, ABS plastic, brass, nylon




IMG_6376Family Tree, 2011, aluminum, lacquer, bronze, wood, ABS plastic




pir-3The Notion of Origin, 2013, software generated digital archival print


ih-11-4d-PressHypo, 2013, software generated digital archival print

IMG_6316Colony 1, 2013, acrylic polymer, wasp nest



Col-smThe Coliseum, 2013, software generated digital archival print

Jv2-1c-6-SMFrom a Static to Oscillatory State (and back again), 2013, software generated digital archival print

Stochastic Search, 2013, software generated digital archival print


Pond_AP_AuctionWEbsiteAllied Fields, 2011, software generated digital archival print

IMG_6475The Last Remnant Left Behind in Ahab’s Empty Bed (foreground left), 2011, wood, fiberglass, lacquer, steel


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