bridge harp installation and 10×10

This morning we completed the installation of my new long string instrument in the girders of a bridge along the river in Chattanooga for a new public program called 10×10.It will be running through Saturday, April 21 at the amphitheater beneath the Woodland Street Bridge, near the Hunter Museum.

sample of the sound after the installation
longer, higher quality sound sample taken a few days later

more documentation and links to recordings of the sounds will are here or will be by Friday, April 20

Tyler Cooney and Jesse Bruen helped me in the studio with construction. Dylan Orlady, Katie Hudson, and Paul Orlady traveled with me to assemble and install it. Dylan’s extended contributions of work and knowledgeable advice really made this happen. I wouldnt have been able to this without such help. Dylan also took all the pictures so we dont have images of him working on it but he spent more time up in the air than I did.

Zeitgeist and Coop put together a group exhibition as a  joint venture in a warehouse for 10×10. I have three works in that show as well. Lain York (below) and Patrick DeGuira handled much of the work for that project

10×10 is lead by Kate Creason for makework. Thanks to her and Allie O’Connell for organizing the program and inviting me.