kinect composite scanner built with Processing- source code available

Nels has posted the source code in his bitbucket repository

it should work fine on a mac intel running 10.5 or later, maybe linux but probably not on windows- this seems to be an OS+hardware issue with windows and the kinect. This has only been tested on a mac intel running the latest version of 10.5.

This is all built on top of Daniel Shiffman’s kinect libraries for Processing and controlIP5

  • be sure to take all the downloaded files and put them into one folder called KinectCompositeScanner before you launch
  • measurements are in meters
  • the scanning depth is limited to eliminate gathering unwanted stuff in the background
  • range is set to scan somewhere between 2-4′ from the kinect
  • export cloud works fine
  • export mesh needs some work
  • we will add the stepper motor controls in the future

interface instructions and controls

  • dont press the enter/return key after entering numbers in the distance or angle boxes
  • mouse click+ drag navigate in the main window
  • mouse scroll or two finger drag on track pad to zoom in and out in the main window
  • command+ shift + mouse click and drag to move objects in the main window
  • space bar to scan- nothing appears in the main window until you press it
  • the center of the object needs to be in the bottom right corner of the blue frame- the guides will change to be a little easier to use but it does work.
  • rotate objects counterclockwise

I am going to post more documentation on this site in the near future but I wanted to get this out.  There are a few bugs yet to be worked out but Nels did a brilliant job finishing this up before he left town. We will still work on it over the coming months as we have time including adding the rotating platform controls and making the interface a little easier to calibrate with the target.

We have found the best way to use the exported .ply file is to remesh it in Meshlab, export it to and .stl or your preferred format and them clean it up in Rhino or SketchUp

please provide feedback and share ideas and improvements