first 360º scan with kinect

Nels worked on the math today for the proper translate function in Processing after I set up a lazy susan and the kinect. We scanned one of Marius Watz’s small ABS plastic sculptures that he gave me a few months ago (furthest object on the left in uppermost image on linked page). It turned out that using the lazy susan first was a good idea so we could develop a better design for the stepper motor-controlled platform as the alignment of the kinect to the platform was not quite what we expected once we had an object in a properly measured and fixed position. I have the stepper motor wired up and working with the Arduino. We now need to calibrate the position of the kinect relative to the center of the platform and design + build  it with an adjustable mount for the kinect. The images below are of the point cloud and the rest were generated in mesh lab using the alpha complex filter. We created the point cloud from only 4, 90 degree rotations of the object so it looks much different from the original but the system works. We will refine it but we will hopefully post the code and more documentation soon.