a partial list of past exhibitions, not chronologically presented

Void Loop
August 10 – September 8, group exhibition at Antenna in New Orleans curated by James Goedert


Technology and new media is an ever-growing, expansive realm in contemporary art practice. void loop showcases six artists from around the country who merge art and technology in a myriad of ways, pushing the boundaries of computed visual and audible practices. Casey Reas (Los Angeles, CA), Ashley John Pigford (Newark, DE), Greg Pond and Jesse Thompson (Sewanee, TN & Los Angeles, CA), and Cristobal Mendoza and Annica Cuppetelli (Detroit, MI), are impressive not only in the scope of their personal achievements, but also in their contributions to contemporary new media education and innovation. The works in void loop range from space defying projections to mechanized knock-knock machines. Each piece bends the capabilities of electrons to its whim and makes light of where we are, where we are going, suggesting that we aren’t actually where we are and where we think we are going.


Circles and Spinning Wheels
curated by Melody Owen
Portland Institute for Contemporary Art TBA Festival
Co-presented with Northwest Film Center.

Artist Melody Owen has spent the last few years traveling in Paris, Quebec, Iceland, and the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains. As she roamed, she collected video works from artists she met along the way. Owen has organized these works into two distinct screenings. The first, circles and spinning wheels, is a compilation of animations, mini-documentaries, music videos, and experimental films that feature the curves and planes of circles. This simple shape of Euclidean geometry remains constant despite the artists’ different styles and methodologies. The second, if i could crowd all my souls into that mountain, features videos by an international cast of characters who have stepped from behind the camera and transformed into both subject and performer as they document their actions in the world.-Kristan Kennedy

solo exhibition at Zeitgeist May 10-June 8 2013




Contemporary Focus 2011
Knoxville Museum of Art August 25-November 6 2011

Jesse Michael Thompson and I also produced a sound installation in the museum’ s Great Hall

Legacy Works Productions, lead my the amazing Sylvia Peters produced documentary about the exhibition that can be viewed here

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S         T    E     N      D       E       C
opened february 12, 2010

a collaborative exhibition with Phillip Andrew Lewis about the mysterious last transmission of the Stardust before it crashed into the mountains in Chile (1947). The impact caused and avalanche and the plane was consumed by a glacier. In 1998 the first pieces of the wreckage began to emerge as the ice shifted and receded.

videos from the exhibition on PAL’s vimeo site

February 12- March 12, 2011 in the caseworks project space at the Art Museum of the University of Memphis

image credits: PAL
sound composed with Pure Data, video imaging executed in Processing and Final Cut Pro, light sequencing generated by Arduino

Of Walking in Ice
exhibition at SOIL in Seattle and
curated by Jack Ryan, catalog essay by Jan Tamlir
based on Werner Herzog’s book